I’m Rumi, Abu Hasan Rumi. I like talking about technology, a lot, and tend to do so to whoever will listen and often at inappropriate times. Not everyone in my life has the same appreciation for science and technology that I do, but the beautiful thing about having a blog is that I will be able to find some weird souls like me. If you think that you are a technology lover, let’s talk then!

I am a high school student who never cared for his academic studies. So I can assure you that, I am not a top student of my school. I try to write on science-related topics. Topics that scientists are working on! Besides being a student, I am a freelancer, programmer and as I am writing on this blog, I am a blogger too!

I don’t know why, but the “Virtual Assistant” position suits me the best. I already worked with 19+ companies worldwide. As a virtual assistant, I had many chances to learn new things. And I always tried to use the chances properly. I have 500+ online courses enrolled and I take them in my leisure time. So I am always learning new things. Sounds awesome?

If you are interested to know more about me or want to work with me, head over to the contact area and shoot me an email.